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I got my hair cut by a maniac Did you ever have a quickie with a completely unknown hair stylist because your old faithful wasn't available?! People, I am shorn as surely as a sheep - and with not as much skill! Oh - enough whining, please. All I need to soothe my soul is to get some yarn out and play with it.

This tidy little pile has been growing out of sale bins, etc. That's right - those crazy scarves have hit the Michigan hinterland in a big way and am I glad?! G-L-A-D does not begin to convey my happiness in knowing I have a sure thing yarn gift idea for some of those special people in my life. As we all know, sometimes the recipiant reaction to a knitted gift is not what we expect. Ever go over to someone's house and see your painstakingly knitted intarsia child's sweater being used for a dog bed? Grab that polyester fizz and give it whirl!

Comments I am making my first sleeve! Why get excited about a sleeve? Well, here at the ChicKnits Workshop sleeves are like a giant case of the cooties.

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So, by starting my Onde with a Sleeve Fest , I kill two birds with one stone: 1. I get those pesky cootie crawlin' things out of the way right away. I was, like many of you out there, ready to flame it to a melted little pile over its acrylic content and small gauge, but wonder of wonders, my instincts held and it is going to be a BEAUT! Comments 7.

Love me Love my swatch! Even though the concept of this sweater [2x2 Rib - and haven't I had a lot of experience with that technique - Les Ribby Famile just grows and grows over the years here at ChicKnits - I can rib in my sleep! NO, and would that I had the common sense to go directly to the type of needle that I'm using for Onde, but alas, I didn't own it.

I love these needles! Comments 2. I saw my first Dandy Lions this week and that means only one thing! Time to make the Cotton Bottoms UP! I got all excited by the possibilities and went to Joann Fabrics and with the exception of the fuschia Sierra by Cascade Yarns , came home with some very FUN yarn for some summery Buckets! The rave contiuned in the Applique Aisle and I garnered some fun little flowers and trims to go on the hats - love the Daisies!

And who could resist the little card shaped like a dress with some gingham ribbon and little roses also made from ribbon? Comments 3. Time for a Partee!!! Stop me - I'm on my way to becoming a Goddess even as I read! Really nice design! Comments 9. So while I'm hustling to finish my Wavy Bulb and thank god, it's still cold , I snuck in this pulli, which I call: Gigi. It's a little frisky, a little flirty and very pretty. Last KIP, I was knitting like a machine, trying to finish this lovely lady.

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I was a maniac - I could feel the clock ticking - I couldn't even pay attention to the conversations around me and probably sounded insane when I tried to speak! Go Bonne GO! It's always a race to the finish line around the holidays here - someday, when I save enough money to get the professional POV I need, I will ask about this Holiday Garment Obsession. Until then, I believe I'm safe until, what, the Fourth of July?!!! GIGI: I took it with me everywhere - worked into the wee hours finagleing the neckline until I got it just so. But now it's DONE!

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Warm weather? Bring it on! Who knew this cardi would be so HIP?! It's become my TV viewing knitting - who could protest the simplicity of stockinette stitch while gobbling up some fields and frames of pixelated pixels? You can see the ball has shrunk dramatically and now is a very pale lavender. It really isn't all that small!!!

Jillian writes: "I'm about to start knitting Le "Pull Femme" in Phildar Onde the free pattern in the lilac to white colourway. Just finished my fourth swatch and I think I've finally got the tension! Now that the weather is finally warming up in Chicago, people seem to be inversely cheerful! Maybe it's just leftover annoyance that Baseball's Opening Day for 2 teams!

She is spouting, "Don't you bump me again. Everyone has forgotten how to drive! No turn signals. Extreme lane changes and chases. I lost track of how many times I was cut off on the Dan Ryan coming back from an assignment yesterday. What is going on??? To add insult to injury, my eyes are so swollen by my allergies that it looks like two shrimp are perched over my eyeballs until around noon, EVERYDAY!

The heart grew cold for awhile and my Sock Bender ground to a halt when I started these socks. This was the first sock yarn I ever purchased and it is, well, sort of uninspiring.

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Forgive me no offense intended so it's really unlucky to flame me! Now, I am knitting it at any pause in the day I find. Warm weather is starting to Sing! Sing Along! English translation starts on Page The ballet neckline is trimmed with a "ribbon" tie and textured edging Finished Measurements: 34 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 48 Inches. Yardage: Main Color: , , , , , yds Trim Color: 25 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 yds.

Everday, sometimes several times a day, I'm stuck at the traffic light at Michigan Ave at Ontario, heading out to the expressways. This could be as easy as a 30 second pass through or an excruciating 5 light extravaganza.

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AND, I cannot find any local Fuschia summer yarn. Oh poor little me Is it insane to want to look like This Year's Model, wearing this year's colors? Why do I want to buy and knit with yarn that is reflective of some other time frame, some other universe ;p. One doesn't have to bust a move and haunt the runways to get a clue; I just received a catalog from Herrschners, their craft edition. With all the wonky, self-proclaimed luscious, acrylic, fantastique plastique! Both have up to the minute color offerings like Tangerine and Fuchsia.

If reading around the blog ring is a good barometer of the Universal Knitting Goddess' hormone level , it would appear that April is, indeed the cruelest month. We are all flying straight into what little sun is breaking through the leftover winter clouds and singeing our tail feathers. Case in Point: this sleeve should've been done this weekend. A little wine, a little dim sum, fine conversation, and In a space of two hours, I knit and re-knit the sleeve cap until I was wonked!

Oh why, Onde Queen, would this cause such a tizzie? I rewrote it twice to conform to the way I was used to getting sleeve cap instructions; then failed twice, trying to execute my own folly. Here's my final notes, written on my phone bill unpaid. I still had to step away from the pattern and talk in Bonneese.

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  6. The actual 1 Cruelty of April for me is Allergies. I have been scratching my face off, sneezing, waking up every morning with eyes so puffy and bloated, I look like I was boxing with George Foreman over the grill. Please write me! I recently lost my almost lifelong doctor because my health insurance provider doesn't pay their bills they not only nickle and dime the doctors and clinics to death, they actually don't pay their bills until they're SUED! Can you say, OOh La la, Dr.

    Chanel, check out the Bling in the corner of the lens, that's Coco's favorite flower the Camelia. Now that the heavy lifting is done, , it's easy to see why I should love these socks. Just look at the wonderful pooling on opposite sides of the socks - beautiful turquoise, brown, yellow and cream Many of you have written to me for the sock pattern I used for the newest Sock Love on ChicKnits' tootsies and here it is Or even, What the I'd say that too if I didn't know that this dilly little piece of cardboard contains all the info one needs to knit that sock.

    I carry it around with me at all times in my wallet. Which, in fact, is where the cardboard originally came from.