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Return to Book Page. Preview — The Pack by L. Preston Goodreads Author. Revenge doesn't have a name, but has chosen a victim—Shamira. But she's never been the type to lie down and let someone hurt her family or her friends. In order to find the mastermind behind the threat to all she cares about, she must give up the one person who's found his way into her guarded heart, Valens. Valens refuses to back off easily, and neither will Shamira's fri Revenge doesn't have a name, but has chosen a victim—Shamira. Valens refuses to back off easily, and neither will Shamira's friends. They join forces with her in order to deal with a new enemy who seeks to kill everyone in Shamira's life that dared save the missing kids on Mars.

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Jun 25, Vidya-BooksAreMagic rated it liked it Shelves: series , sci-fi , reads , received-for-review. This novel is set up in a different world - actually its Mars. Others that were too violent and twisted were put to death by electrical drowning in the Waters. When their trainer was killed in an ambush, Shamira sets her mind to get t This novel is set up in a different world - actually its Mars.

When their trainer was killed in an ambush, Shamira sets her mind to get to the killer, no matter what it takes. Once blind, Shamira had very few friends. But now, she has a sweet boyfriend and many loyal friends. This training team was one of the reasons I loved this book. Well thought-out plot, good world building and deeper characters made this book more enjoyable.

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  • The Pack: Retribution (The Pack #2) by L.M. Preston.
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The theme is new. The action, romance, revenge and technology played good in required sequences, which gives you something to think about, when you take a break from reading. I had trouble understanding the first few pages. But, that may be due to the fact that I am reading second book in the series, without reading its previous book.

The only other problem I faced was narration. It could have been better. Creating such an idea and a plot surrounding that idea is not an easy deal. But, those efforts may not be recognized without proper narration. This is one of the very few science fiction novels I enjoyed. My lack of interest in science always made me avoid science fiction novels. But, this was easy and understandable.

The Pack: Retribution

Thanks to that! Sep 05, Lene Blackthorn rated it liked it. I was a little bit undecided how to rate this book. First of all, because it was hard to read this book smoothly. There were parts that flew by quickly and easily, and there were also places where I struggled to keep interested and basically forced myself to read on. As a YA sci-fi, I really enjoyed the setup and I very much appreciate the creative ideas incorporated into the plot, the unique and innovative gadgets, and the background world building.

I was hesitant about the characters after rea I was a little bit undecided how to rate this book. I was hesitant about the characters after reading book one, not having the best of opinions about them but hoping it will get better in the second book. Well, it did not really, especially in Shamira's case, and I cannot truly enjoy a book when the heroine annoys me to unbelievable levels. Over-dramatic, immature, sometimes really acting like I-am-the-savior-here-shut-up-and-kiss-my-ass bitch.

Sorry, I can't describe her with warm words if I feel little positive about her. The rest of the training team compensated for her, but even with them it was sometimes hard to distinguis who is who - this would need more in-depth character building to make them more distinguishable. The dialogues were rather good, editing needed improvement but I won't take this as too much of influence as I read an ARC although, there were lots of errors , but the narrative was sometimes confusing and I needed to re-read some passages twice to understand what the author wanted to say.

I have mixed feelings about this series, since what started as a very promising story, issues in execution dulled the reading experience in the end. Jun 08, Luna rated it liked it. The Pack-Retribution by L. Preston is a young adult science-fiction novel that centers around a team of cadets who—after loosing their leader to an unknown assassin—race to find the killer before more loved ones die.

The story takes place on Mars which was been transformed into a rehabilitation center for former convicts. These criminals have been given a vaccine that combats and eliminates whatever genetic predisposition lead them to crime in the first place. With their desire to perpetrate cr The Pack-Retribution by L. With their desire to perpetrate crime removed, scientists believe that these former convicts can lead renewed lives. Of course, not all that glitters is gold.

It was even a struggle to decide a proper rating. In some areas, the book is very good. However, the good—no matter how present—is quickly overshadowed by what I can only call sloppy execution. My chief problem with this book was that it felt a little discombobulated. The clues that lead to the real killer are too convenient and the large cast of characters can be difficult to distinguish, especially in scenes with a lot of dialogue.

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A few small issues that hindered my enjoyment of this book had to do with typographical errors and formatting. For example, words like smashing and swallowing are turned into swallow-ing and smash-ing. None the less, these errors are distracting and serve to sever the connection the reader has with the world within the story. There were also a few typos here and there, but nothing too terrible. Aside from format errors, The Pack-Retribution has a rather irritating habit of telling readers what characters feel instead of showing us through interactions.

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So and so loves so and so, so and so feels mad etc…The story also repeats certain statements over and over again, almost as if assuming that the readers will be too daft to remember them. For instance, I counted four separate moments in which readers are reminded that the main character Shamira has excellent hearing because she used to be blind, and even though she is no longer blind she still has excellent hearing. Yes, Preseton I get it.

She can hear well and has a fear of intimacy. None the less, I still did enjoy parts of the story. The basic premise of a drug that can help cure criminals of their impulse to commit crime is really fascinating.

follow site Additionally, the strange power that Shamira possesses which was born out of a brush with death was very intriguing and begged for more explanation though, never have read the first book, I have no idea if better explanation was given. Can you imagine a comic book series based around people with that technology? It sounds like it would be pretty awesome to me. I suppose part of reason why this book confused me so much might have to do with the way the story is told—which is kind of like an action comic. I mean, would you want to read a comic written like a book?

I imagine that fans of the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson will probably really enjoy this book, as both stories feature strong female leads and the writing style is reminiscent of an action comic.

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Aug 07, Kathy Davie rated it did not like it. In this one, Shamira and her friends are in their final training at the Special Elite Force. My Take Oh. This was so bad.